Company Name - License # 44324, Unlimited
What we do
We design, engineer, install, commission, troubleshoot and maintain Photovoltaic systems. We have installed systems in California and Northern and Southern Nevada including:
  • Utility Scale systems for Barrett Mining
  • Commercial systems of all sizes
  • Not-for-Profit Institutional systems for Catholic Charities
  • Residential systems from 3 bedroom homes to 7,500 square foot custom houses
We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, most efficient solar systems using the best available materials, equipment and installation best-practices. We also provide installation, technical advice, engineering and equipment to other solar installers and do our best to support the growth and professionalism of the US solar PV market.
As part of our commitment to the expansion of solar energy, we have trained more than 1200 students in our solar training programs and many have found work in the industry. We trained installers for a 440 MW project in Primm, Nevada, as well as the expansion of the Copper Mountain solar field in Boulder City.
Our certified installers have over 70 years of construction experience and we employ some of the best electrical and structural engineers in the West. Solar Energy is our passion and PV (Photovoltaics – Solar Electricity) is our specialty. We have our own staff of certified Electrical and Structural engineers who also have extensive solar experience. We also have an extensive network of suppliers of state-of-the-art solar equipment.
We have a unique marketing approach. You will never get a high pressure sales pitch from Robco Electric Inc. Our sales team will customize an individual proposal to meet your specific needs.  
We directly oversee each and every job we do and only hire and train the best licensed installers. In fact, many of the people we work with have graduated from our own training programs in Photovoltaic Installation and Design and Sales which we have been teaching for several years at The College of Southern Nevada and the Associated Builders and Construction Training Center. We also have conducted training for the Urban League and the Nevada Department of Employment and Rehabilitation and set up the solar training for the US Job Corps in San Diego.
Please visit our Solar Installation and Information website at:
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